This littl’ah French-cake here is ah great artist! Too bad he ain’t paintin’ tha town. Mostly mah face. I really hope this ain’t gonna stain tha uniform, pally.

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And guess who I had tha pleasure tah meet.

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(( OOC: Heyo Everybody! It’s the mod who runs this dinky blog saying that I’ll be going to Metrocon in Tampa, Florida! More good news is that me and a few friends are hosting a fan-made meet up for skullgirls lovers! Anyone is welcome for the love of Skullgirls. Added bonus, if you are in cosplay we will be having a photoshoot for those who are in their amazing cosplays! Sound neato right? So go! I’ll be cosplaying, well, you guessed it. Peacock. This meet up takes place on Saturday @ 3:00-4:30 upstairs at Metrocon! Even if you are not in cosplay or don’t know much about the game, still feel free to stop by and say hi! :D Hope to see you there! P.S if you need me, my main tumblr is Maskarie. ))

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Tip: Don’t Starve, huh.

*banjo sounds.*

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So what? Get in line pal, ah lot of people hate me.

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I was answerin’ these, but then I got kinda hungry. 

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Survey says: Yes, I do.

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